Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thursday, Fast 10

Today is fast day 10 which should go by pretty quickly as I have a busy day planned.  Tonight we are just having a chicken stir fry for tea, with the non-dieters having Chinese noodles and me having extra veg instead. 

Yesterday's tea was a great recipe I got from my Mom.  We had chilli on Monday and the usual "planned-overs" are chilli dogs but this time I made Chilli Dog Casserole.  The recipe is here on my Mom's blog.  The recipe calls for 30 ounces of canned chilli but, like my Mom, we don't eat a lot of processed food.  So, I took the leftover chilli from Monday and, because I make it really thick, added water and tomato paste (double concentrated puree) to make it up to the right amount and to make it saucier.  My hot dogs come in a pack of ten but the wraps I used (I used a package of Indian Chapatis because they are much less expensive than tortillas here in Scotland) come in a pack of eight so I just threw the extra two hot dogs in the dish as is and then sent them with Larry for his lunch today.  I have to say this was a fabulous meal!  All four of us loved it and the boys wanted to know why I hadn't made this heaven in a dish for them before yesterday.  All I can say in my defence is, I forgot about the recipe and just recently remembered it.

Chilli Dog Casserole (photo courtesy of WeFarm)

A bit of advice for my friends who are struggling to convert recipes from Imperial to Metric or vice versa . . . invest in a good kitchen scale.  They really aren't expensive and make all the difference.  Make sure it can be switched from one form of measurement to the other and then you won't have to try and convert a recipe.  I also use this On line Conversion site.  It is difficult to work out the difference/equivalences between US and UK cups/pints/etcetera when you are as maths impaired as me so this page takes the stress off.